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June 23—July 23

Fri & Sat 8 pm, Sun 2pm


 THE MOUSETRAP is the longest

      running play in the history of

            London’s west end !


A group of people in a country house

 cut off by the snow –A murderer in

      their midst – Who can it be ?

The suspicious characters reveal their

    sordid pasts – at the last, nerve

    shattering moment the identity

         and motive are revealed !

Important Notice Regarding Tickets:


As of this season, we will continue to discount tickets for those purchased in advance (Seniors/Students/SARTA Members).


However, tickets purchased at the door on the night (or day for Sundays) of the performance will not be discounted.  All tickets will be charged at General Admission Rate of $20 per ticket and $21 for premium seats.


Children’s Theatre tickets remain at one price—$8.00


Directed by

Rodger Hoopman

Registration is now open for


Chautauqua School of Performing Arts (CSPA)





Ages 6—15

Featuring the musical


“AMERICANA: Clementine and Tom Sawyer Paints a Fence”




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Chautauqua Playhouse: Oldest Community Theatre Trying to Stay Young


Presented by

FreeFall Stage


Based on one of C.S. Lewis’s most well-known novels, James Forsythe’s Screwtape is about a mid-level satanic bureaucrat, Screwtape, who is training a young demon, Wormwood, to lure his first soul, Mike Green (aka “The Patient”), into their “Father Below’s” pit. Mike has very recently become acquainted with Christianity, but is still ignorant of its meaning and authority, a fact which Wormwood and Screwtape take advantage of as they attempt to get him back to his old ways of life. The demons seek to trip Mike up by way of his overprotective mother, a new boss, a demon possessed co-worker, as well as a new love interest, who comes with her own temptress. All sorts of Hell breaks loose as the demons do anything and everything to pop their patient into the pit.

For tickets to SCREWTAPE, please go to:



Note: This is not a Chautauqua production.  Tickets may not be obtained through Chatuauqua Playhouse Ticketing.

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